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Faculteit Maatschappij en Gedrag

Resultaten: 1 - 9 van 9
Resultaten: 1 - 9 van 9
  • Bevoorrechte migrantenondernemers in Polen
    20 apr 2021 12:00 Promotie
    Dhr. R.A. Girling promoveert op het proefschrift: 'Studying ‘up’ in migrant entrepreneurship Privileged migrant entrepreneurs in Wroclaw, Poland'. Promotor is prof. dr. J.C. Rath. Copromotor is dr. P.J. Prickett.
  • Opkomst van transnationaal staatskapitaal in de 21e eeuw
    21 apr 2021 11:00 Promotie
    Dhr. M. Babic promoveert op het proefschrift: 'State transformations in the global political economy: The rise of transnational state capital in the 21st century'. Promotoren zijn prof. dr. B.M. Burgoon en dr. E.M. ...
  • How to Respond to Reviewers: A Panel Discussion with Journal Editors
    22 apr 2021 10:00 - 11:00 Evenement
    Picture this: you have done all the hard work. A journal sent your manuscript our to review. Now the editors have made a decision and sent it back to you. Good news: its not a rejection! But here’s the catch: the ...
  • Interventies voor de sociaal-emotionele ontwikkeling van kinderen
    22 apr 2021 16:00 Promotie
    Mw. L.S. de Mooij promoveert op het proefschrift: 'Opening the Black Box Examining Effective Components of Interventions for Children’s Social-Emotional Development'. Promotoren zijn prof. dr. G.J. Overbeek en ...
  • Emotionele ervaringen van leraren in reactie op individuele leerlingen
    23 apr 2021 16:00 Promotie
    Mw. J.A. de Ruiter promoveert op het proefschrift: 'The way they make me feel Exploring teachers' momentary emotional experiences in response to individual students'. Promotor is dr. H.M.Y. Koomen. Copromotor is ...
  • Marieke van Erp: Building Cultural AI
    28 apr 2021 16:00 - 17:00 Evenement
    Biases in data can be both explicit and implicit. A simple two-word phrase can carry strong connotations, and entire research fields, such as post-colonial studies, are devoted to them. However, these sometimes ...
  • Why do some armed groups respect the rules of war, while others don’t? Why do some armed groups demobilize child soldiers, but others don’t?
    14 mei 2021 15:30 - 16:30 Evenement
    William Plowright’s book ‘Armed Groups and International Legitimacy: Child Soldiers in Intra-State Conflict’ looks at the use of child soldiers by armed groups, and asks under what conditions they can be convinced to ...
  • Research in Times of Covid-19: Online Research Tools
    17 mei 2021 11:30 - 13:00 Evenement
    In this session, Marco Teunisse and Jasper Wijnen will discuss challenges and possibilities of online research tools.
  • Pragmatic Inquiry: How to research particular problems?
    31 mei 2021 14:00 - 15:30 Evenement
    The new book ‘Pragmatic Inquiry’ examines a range of critical concepts that are central to a shift in the social sciences toward "pragmatic inquiry," reflecting a twenty-first century concern with particular problems ...