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Degrowth is a movement and a research field that explores these fundamental questions and proposes solutions confronting the roots of today’s crises.

Event details of 8th International Degrowth Conference: Caring Communities for Radical Change
Start date 24 August 2021
End date 28 August 2021
Time 09:00
  • How do we confront the contradictions between (the pursuit of) endless economic growth and the ecological boundaries of our planet?
  • What kind of society would ensure a good life for all, without wealth and power being hoarded by the few?
  • How can we enable a just transition that halts over-extraction, over-production and over-consumption?

With our overall theme, Caring Communities for Radical Change, we highlight that care – through solidarity and justice – is central to degrowth as a collective project promoting sustainable, decolonial, feminist and post-capitalist modes of flourishing.

Read the call for participation here or see the website