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Do you have problems studying? The UvA's psychologists can provide you with various types of support.

Advice to stay resilient in uncertain times

The adjustments to prevent the spread of the coronavirus have major consequences for our way of living. The UvA has a website full of good  advice on how to navigate these uncertain times.

Are you looking for other support? Below and on the following pages you read more about our help.

  • Who can get support?

    Students at the UvA and HvA and PhD students at the UvA. You do not need a referral.

  • What can you come to us for?

    When you have study problems, such as:

    A lack of motivation and concentration, a tendency to put work off, stress, fear (fear of failure, fear of exams, fear of writing, fear of giving presentations).

    When you have personal problems that stand in the way of studying, such as:

    Anxiety, worrying, family problems, difficulty establishing or maintaining contacts, general insecurity, a negative self-image.

    If you have study problems due to ADD, ADHD or autism

    If you have study problems due to ADD, ADHD or autism or want to prevent them, you can make use of the extra study support provided by the UvA or HvA.

  • When not to come to us

    If you have health problems, or if you have problems that are of a serious nature or have existed for some time, it is better to visit your doctor. If necessary, he or she can refer you to another specialist for mental health.

    If you are being treated elsewhere and you are dissatisfied with the treatment, it is advisable to discuss your dissatisfaction with your practitioner or with whoever referred you to this practitioner. However, when your current psychotherapeutic treatment pays insufficient attention to your study problems, we may see if we can help you with this.

    Are you battling with suicidal thoughts, please visit the website for suicide prevention at or reach out by calling 113 or 0800-0113. If you are outside the Netherlands, you can also use their chat service.

  • Other assistance

    UvA General Practitioners Practice (Oude Turfmarkt)

    If you live in Amsterdam, you can register with the Student Doctors’ general practitioners practice. In case of emergency or crisis you can contact the UvA General Practitioners Practice.