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Results: 1 - 20 of 2470
  • The AI healthcare revolution
    15 Jan 2021
    Artificial intelligence that can faultlessly read medical scans and ensure nothing gets missed. That is the ambitious goal of UvA university professor Ivana Išgum. Išgum is an expert in the field of development of AI ...
  • How did the Dutch lockdown influence cannabis use and addiction?
    15 Jan 2021
    Covid-19 lockdown measures introduced substantial psychosocial stressors in everyday life. Did changes in mental wellbeing lead to more cannabis use and more severe cannabis disorders? A study among near daily ...
  • Wim Noorduin appointed professor by special appointment of Self-Organising Matter
    15 Jan 2021
    Dr Wim Noorduin (1980) has been appointed professor by special appointment of Self-Organising Matter at the Faculty of Science at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The chair was established on behalf of the ...
  • Universities lowering the standard for BSA this year
    14 Jan 2021
    In view of the corona crisis, the 14 Dutch universities have opted to lower the standard for the binding study advice (BSA) this academic year by 10-15%. For the UvA, this means that students who started their study ...
  • Neither liquid nor solid
    12 Jan 2021
    An interdisciplinary team of researchers from the Universities of Konstanz and Amsterdam have uncovered a new state of matter, liquid glass, with previously unknown structural elements. The discovery leads to new ...
  • Archaeologists find skeletons at Binnengasthuis premises
    12 Jan 2021
    Excavation work in the courtyard at the construction site for the new University Library has been completed. During the dig, the municipality of Amsterdam's Knowledge Centre for Monuments and Archaeology (MenA) ...
  • Fenne Pinkster
    Fenne Pinkster member Programme Council Centre for Urban Inequality
    11 Jan 2021
    Dr Fenne Pinkster (GPIO) has been appointed as a member of the Programme Council of the Centre for Urban Inequality. The centre is a collaboration between the Municipality of Amsterdam and four knowledge ...
  • Chris Kuiper appointed professor by special appointment of Intergenerational Transmission of Risk and Protective Factors in the Upbringing of Juveniles
    11 Jan 2021
    Dr Chris Kuiper (1961) has been appointed professor by special appointment of Intergenerational Transmission of Risk and Protective Factors in the Upbringing of Juveniles at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural ...
  • Advisory report outlines opportunities for Amsterdam metropolitan region after the COVID crisis
    9 Jan 2021
    The COVID-crisis has affected Amsterdam and the metropolitan area disproportionally: substantial unemployment, 5-10 months of backlog in children’s education, significant growth in households with debts, and an ...
  • In memoriam: Martinus Veltman (1931 - 2021)
    7 Jan 2021
    The UvA has taken note of the sad news that physicist and Nobel Prize winner Martinus Veltman passed away on Monday, 4 January, at the age of 89. Veltman was a professor at Utrecht University and the University of ...
  • 2021 - 2026 strategic plan: inspiring generations
    7 Jan 2021
    At the beginning of this year the Executive Board (CvB) established its Strategic Plan for 2021 – 2026, entitled Inspiring generations. This states what is needed to maintain and expand our position as a university: ...
  • From sticky mess to plant-based chair
    6 Jan 2021
    ‘Such a thing doesn't exist,’ UvA researchers Gadi Rothenberg and Albert Alberts repeatedly heard when they accidentally discovered 100% bioplastic in 2010. Now ten years later, in collaboration with furniture ...
  • Brains that remain
    4 Jan 2021
    There is a war for talent raging within the field of AI, with young researchers being lured away by big tech companies. Yet there are also talents who consciously choose an academic career. Two professors and two ...
  • Explanation of actions pertaining to social safety: update
    23 Dec 2020
    It has become increasingly clear over the past year that the safeguards put in within the UvA for the purposes of flagging up and subsequently addressing lack of social safety need to be tightened up.
  • network
    Multiparty entanglement: when everything is connected
    21 Dec 2020
    ‘Entanglement’ is a ubiquitous concept in modern physics research: it occurs in subjects ranging from quantum gravity to quantum computing. In a publication that appeared in Physical Review Letters last week, UvA-IoP ...
  • 20 years Faculty of Science: the past, present and future
    21 Dec 2020
    Two excavators are busy, a man with a helmet is coiling a cable. There’s a strong wind, turning the otherwise deserted construction site at the Science Park into a sandstorm. The new building may be the pride of the ...
  • Jan Lintsen reappointed member of UvA Executive Board
    18 Dec 2020
    The Supervisory Board of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) has reappointed Jan Lintsen as a member of the UvA's Executive Board. The decision was taken following positive recommendations from both the Works Council ...
  • Scientists present vision for today’s challenges
    17 Dec 2020
    The sectors of environmental sciences, astronomy, biology and pharmaceutical sciences present a joint vision to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science today, entitled 'Voor een sterker fundament'. In their ...
  • Message concerning social safety
    17 Dec 2020
    On Wednesday evening, an article was published in the Dutch newspaper NRC about a case of an unsafe situation at the Faculty of Humanities. We find this distressing, but it is also good that the problems which the ...
  • The impact of the second corona wave on studying and working at the UvA
    15 Dec 2020
    The experiences of students and staff of the UvA during the second wave of corona have been in some ways similar: study and work pressure is high, and the lack of social contact and time outdoors has also been ...