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The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded a Rubicon Grant to two researchers from the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The grant will allow the researchers to obtain international experience and take the next step in their academic career.

Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research

A total of 16 projects received a grant. With the funds from their Rubicon Grant, the researchers will be able to conduct research at a research institution abroad for a period of two years. The size of the grant depends on the destination and duration of stay.

The recipients:

Eddie Brummelman (Child Development and Education) – Unconditional Parental Regard: Its Nature and its Consequences

What does it mean for children to be unconditionally accepted by their parents? Although psychologists have speculated about this for decades, experimental research into this is lacking. Brummelman will investigate whether unconditional acceptance by parents can stimulate the self-esteem and motivation of children.

Leonie Schmidt (Media Studies) – Pop Preachers and Counter-terror Culture: Contesting Terrorism through Social Media and Popular Culture in Indonesia

In Indonesia, the largest Islamic country in the world, an Islamic antiterrorism popular culture has arisen. Schmidt will study how this antiterrorism culture, in which social media play a significant role, can help to combat radicalisation and terrorism.