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Valorisation at the University of Amsterdam

Valorisation and knowledge utilisation

The UvA believes that maximising the impact of the knowledge generated by its researchers is one of its primary responsibilities. Knowledge acquired through research or education should be used to social or economic benefit. These guiding principles underpin the UvA’s valorisation strategy, activities and facilities.

Valorisation at the University of Amsterdam

The policy of the UvA regarding knowledge valorisation is recorded in the 2018 UvA Regulations Governing Knowledge Utilisation 2018 and the policy document Valorisation at the University of Amsterdam. The Guide to the Regulations Governing Knowledge Utilisation offers a practical summary of this policy. The guide introduces the various ways that you can utilise knowledge as a researcher, what your rights and obligations are, which procedures apply and how Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) can support you in matters concerning knowledge utilisation. 

Sharing and utilising knowledge

Scientific research forms the foundations upon which knowledge and expertise is developed at the UvA. The UvA can share its knowledge in countless ways, and with innumerable parties. This is sometimes limited to the academic world, either through teaching or the production of academic publications. Another common example is the utilisation of knowledge in a broader social context, by companies, institutes and citizens. For instance, through collaboration with third parties (profit and non-profit), by issuing licences, transferring patents or by moving knowledge to a spin-off company.

The Regulations Governing Knowledge Utilisation are specifically concerned with the latter form: utilising knowledge for payment. Sharing knowledge and research findings for the benefit of society is another form of valorisation, and IXA can also advise and support researchers in this field.

IXA: connecting universities and society

IXA is the department responsible for implementing the UvA’s valorisation policy. The organisation unites the supply and demand of knowledge. In 2014, the Knowledge Transfer Offices (KTO) of the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), VU Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC began collaborating closely within IXA. Each institution has its own dedicated IXA team with staff and expertise relevant for the institution. In the case of the UvA, these are subsidy advisors, business developers and lawyers. Contact the IXA team for e.g. advice and support regarding applying for research subsidies, protecting knowledge and innovations (patents), (contract) negotiations and collaboration with third parties, and launching a spin-off. More information about IXA’s activities and the team is available on

About the Regulations Governing Knowledge Utilisation

Because researchers from the UvA, AUAS, VU and Amsterdam UMC are collaborating with increasing regularity, the decision has been taken to harmonise the various valorisation regulations. This resulted in the Regulations Governing Knowledge Utilisation2018, which replaces the Regulations Governing Valorisation 2014. These new regulations apply to all utilisable knowledge developed after 1 June 2018 and registered with IXA. With regard to the UvA, the new regulations entail minimal changes. The regulations does not apply to academic publications or books.