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March 2018 Update on Ten-point Plan

Results: 1 - 9 of 9
Results: 1 - 9 of 9
  • Point 01: Investing in and strengthening participation in decision-making

    Examples of strengthened participation in decision-making include greater involvement of the representative advisory bodies in appointments, increased appreciation of participation in decision-making, more transparent rights, easing of the Facilities regulations for participation in decision-making and early involvement in policy proposals. A student assessor has also been appointed.

  • Point 02: Commitment to further democratisation

    Important decisions, such as the one to build a new library or on the allocation model, are now submitted to the academic community for consultation. At the suggestion of the Democratisation and Decentralisation committee, the UvA also launched an interactive platform, set up the University Forum and appointed a chief diversity officer.

  • Point 03: Decentralisation of teaching and research

    The UvA is continuing its efforts to strengthen the Programme Committees and decentralised participation in decision-making, e.g. through training and support. Decisions about research and teaching are made at the lowest possible level in the organisation.

  • Point 04: Financial transparency

    Over the past two years, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on financial transparency, promotion of openness and making complex issues understandable to a wider audience. All relevant documents are available on, input is gathered at several stages of the process and a new allocation model has been drawn up.

  • Point 05: Construction of a new University Library

    The decision to build a new University Library was submitted to the academic community through an online consultation. A definitive decision has been made to locate the new University Library in the Second Surgical Clinic and the former convent on the Binnengasthuis premises.

  • Point 06: Prioritising creativity and innovation in teaching and research

    The UvA has taken steps to innovate research and teaching by introducing blended learning, developing a Vision on Teaching and Learning, and setting up a flexible learning pilot.

  • Point 07: strengthening the relationship between teaching and research and

    The UvA's new career development policy, which was agreed in December 2017, strengthens the relationship between teaching and research. A career development policy is one of the five priorities in the HR Agenda.

  • Point 08: Reining in temporary employment contracts

    The UvA is committed to reducing undesirable flexible working practices and investing in the career prospects of staff on temporary employment contracts. Percentage targets laid down in the collective labour agreement have been met and 'back-door procedures' are no longer tolerated.

  • Point 10: Reminding the government of its responsibilities

    The UvA has raised a number of topics with the government, including workloads, funding, internationalisation/language policy and diversity.