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The budget shows how the UvA’s plans and ambitions fit into the financial frameworks described in the Framework Letter.

The budget shows how the UvA’s plans and ambitions fit into the financial frameworks described in the Framework Letter.

  • Explanation of the 2021 budget

    The draft budget was published for inspection at the beginning of October 2020. This was then agreed with the Central Works Council and the Central Student Council, who approved it on 20 November. The Framework Letter was also published and discussed in June 2020.

    On 1 December 2020, the Executive Board definitively adopted the budget for 2021, including an updated Accommodations Plan and ICT Project Portfolio. Subsequently, the Supervisory Board approved the budget on 18 December. This completes the budget process.

    6% higher income

    The UvA has estimated a 6% increase in its income for 2021. This is mainly due to an increased government grant, which is the main source of income. We also expect to enrol more students in 2021 and this will result in higher income from tuition fees. In addition, the government has decided to invest in knowledge development, research and innovation via the National Growth Fund. This creates new opportunities for the UvA, both in terms of the degree programmes offered as well as funding.

    7% higher expenses

    The UvA has also estimated a 7% increase in its expenses. This is partly due to the higher intake of students, which leads to more expenditure on teaching and support staff. In addition, the pandemic means that more costs will be incurred on ICT, facilities and accommodation to enable digital remote working and working with a social distancing of 1.5 metres. Our accommodation costs are increasing due to market developments and the costs incurred for making the buildings more sustainable in order to achieve our climate goals. These higher costs will be partly compensated by the fact that projects from the Strategic Plan will start later than planned.

    One-off deficit

    The UvA’s financial policy is to at least break even each year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the UvA is making a one-off exception to this policy. The 6% higher income and 7% higher expenses lead to an expected deficit of 6.7 million euros, which we will offset from the reserves. For the long term, the UvA budget has not yet taken into account any additional income or expenses arising out of the Strategic Plan or the coronavirus pandemic.

    Strategic Plan 2021-2026

    Digitisation, sustainability, innovation and cooperation within and outside the university are the common themes within the Strategic Plan 2021-2026. The 2021 budget is well-aligned with these themes.