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The Learning Curve

Play The Learning Curve

The performances of the play The Learning Curve scheduled by the Social Safety Taskforce in April and October 2020 were cancelled due to the tightened corona measures in place at the time. In the final report, the Social Safety Task Force has included the recommendation to organize the plays at a later date on all campuses, with an after-talk and introduction by the Dean and the Executive Board. There is a roadmap available for this.

About The Learning Curve

Part of the Social Safety Taskforce's assignment is to stimulate the conversation about social safety. One of the means we use for this is the performance of the play The Learning Curve on every campus by Het Acteursgenootschap (‘The Dutch Actors Society’). Including a post-show discussion and an introduction by a dean and/or a member of the Executive Board. The aim is to raise awareness of harassment in academia, while at the same time exploring ways to tackle problems. We offer faculties the opportunity to talk about the subject and to use the insights that emerge from it for an appropriate approach.

The play The Learning Curve, created by the Acteursgenootschap illustrates socially unsafe situations in academia that revolve around a skewed balance of power, harassment, the role of the supervisor, integrity, bullying, the trivialisation of knowledge, and sexually unacceptable behaviour (view the trailer for more information). In the play, various uncomfortable situations are portrayed that cross a border either explicitly or implicitly. These situations offer a starting point for the sharing of experiences within the faculty and to reflect on behaviour and culture.

The Learning Curve has by now been performed at various Dutch universities, as well as at the Landelijk Netwerk Vrouwelijke Hoogleraren (Dutch Network of Women Professors) and at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The play has a duration of 40 minutes and will be performed – in English – for both students as well as staff.

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