Bachelor Linguistics

Language is present in all aspects of our daily lives and our capacity to use it makes human beings unique as a species. In the Bachelor's programme in Linguistics, you will explore both the structure and acquisition of language as well as the diversity of language around the world.

Understanding language

Linguistics focuses on our uniquely human capacity to use language, something indispensable in our daily life. As a linguist you are interested in how language and speech are structured, how we acquire it, how it can be impaired, how it is represented in the brain, how it functions in society, how we deal with 2, 3, or 4 languages at the same time, and how it changes. All these questions are addressed in this broad Bachelor's programme in Linguistics.

Is Linguistics right for you?

Linguistics is the ideal programme for you if:

  • You have an active interest in languages but also in language in general.
  • You enjoy solving puzzles and problems that require a systematic approach.
  • You want to understand how languages differ or resemble one another, how they change over time, and how they are acquired.
  • You wonder how language is represented in the brain and how language impairments arise.
  • You’d like to learn a new language yourself.
Studying at the Bushuis

Why study Linguistics at the UvA?

Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam offers you:

  • A world-class education: the programme is ranked highest in Continental Europe and 17th overall according to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017.
  • The chance to learn a new language: you study a new language during your first year, and are offered the opportunity to master it in your second and third years.
  • A broad programme: one of the very few programmes in the world that offers you the opportunity to familiarise yourself the whole subfield of linguistics, such that later on you can make your own choices with regards to your future.
  • The opportunity to study in a multilingual city: with inhabitants of 180 different nationalities, Amsterdam is a truly multilingual city that offers an excellent testing ground for linguists.
  • After completing your Bachelor's, you can apply to one of the UvA's many Master's programmes.

Watch the Linguistics webinar

Get a taste for what it's like to be a Linguistics student at the UvA and learn more about the programme in the webinar below.

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Degree certificate

Linguistics is an accredited degree programme. After completion of this programme, you will receive a legally accredited Bachelor's degree and the title Bachelor of Arts (BA).

Want to know more?

Reread all of the information at your own convenience in our brochure and join us at one of our Bachelor's open days.

BA Linguistics
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