Blockchain, Law & Policy

12feb2018 08:30 - 17:15


Blockchain architectures, distributed ledger systems and smart contracts are en vogue these days. However, their long-term effects on the legal and financial system and on economic activity in general are still unclear. This workshop aims at looking beyond the buzz. An interdisciplinary group of researchers from law, economics, finance, computer science and logic will engage in an in-depth discussion of ongoing research – from early stage to stable working papers – that focuses on the promises, challenges and implications of distributed ledger systems and smart contracts.


8:30-9:00       BREAKFAST

9:00-9:15       Opening statement by Stefan Bechtold & Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci

Session 1

Chair: Arthur Dyevre (Leuven)

9:15-10:15           Luis Garicano (LSE). The Governance of Blockchain: Hard Forks, Cryptocurrency and Norms. Commentators: Spyridon Terovitis (UvA) & Erasmus Elsner (ETH Zurich)

10:15-10:45   COFFEE BREAK

Session 2

Chair: Arthur Dyevre (Leuven)

10:45-11:45    Davide Grossi (Groningen). A Social Choice-Theoretic Analysis of the Stellar Consensus Protocol. Commentators: Roland de Haan (UvA) & Fernando Velázquez Quesada (UvA)

11:45-12:45    Stefan Bechtold (ETH Zurich) & Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci (UvA). Property Without Law: Personalized Property Rights Through New Contracting Technologies. Commentators: Lewis Kornhauser (NYU) & Gideon Parchomovsky (Penn)

12:45-13:45   LUNCH (served in the conference room)

Industry developments

13:45-14:30    Joris Cramwinckel (Ortec Finance, Rotterdam). Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts: Potential and Limits, with an Application to Pensions

14:30:14:45   COFFEE BREAK

Session 3

Chair: Jens Martin (Amsterdam)

14:45-15:45   Hermann Elendner (HU Berlin). Liquidity and Resiliency of Crypto-currency Markets. Commentators: Christoph van der Elst (Tilburg) & Dion Bongaerts (Rotterdam)

15:45-16:45   Balazs Bodo, Daniel Gervais and Joao Quintais (Amsterdam). Who Needs Copyright When We Have Blockchain and Smart Contracts. Commentators: Miriam Marcowitz-Bitton (Bar-Ilan) & Ben Depoorter (UC Hastings)

14:45:17:15   COFFEE BREAK

Project slam session

Chair: Jens Martin (Amsterdam)

17:15-17:35   Lital Helman (Ono Academic College). Blockchain: the Future of Intellectual Property Registries

17:35-17:55   Erasmus Elsner (ETH Zurich). Cryptocribs

18:30               DINNER (only for speakers, commentators and registered participants) at Café-Restaurant De Plantage (Plantage Kerklaan 36, 1018 CZ Amsterdam).

Registration closed

Unfortunately, we can only host about 30 people and therefore it's no longer possible to register. Due to popular demand we have no more seats available.


Each paper is allocated 60 minutes. Please aim at a 30-minute presentation (at most!) to allow enough time for questions and discussion. Each commentator is allocated 5 minutes. There should be at least 20 minutes left for general discussion. The usual audiovisual will be available: bring with you your own laptop or a USB stick.


Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci, Balazs Bodo (both University of Amsterdam) and Stefan Bechtold (ETH Zurich)

On the Amsterdam side, this workshop is supported by BLES—Business Law and Economics Symposium, consisting of an Association of Business Law and Economics Professors from the University of Amsterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Tilburg University; this is the third BLES meeting—and the Blockchain & Society Policy Research Lab at IViR. This specific event is jointly co-organized and co-funded with the Center for Law & Economics at ETH Zurich.

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