International Performance Research Pedagogies: Towards An Unconditional Discipline?

16Feb2018 16:00 - 18:00


Book presentation: International Performance Research Pedagogies:Towards An Unconditional Discipline? Eds. S. Bala, H. Korsberg, M. Gluhovic, K. Röttger (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017)

As buzzwords such as ‘internationalization’ and ‘diversity’ do their rounds through universities around the world, as technological possibilities promise to flip the classroom and blend various modes of learning, as the financialization of every aspect of university life threatens to undermine its core purposes, the question of a responsive and sensitive pedagogy in the Humanities becomes extraordinarily pertinent today.
What remains unconditional today in the pedagogy of the arts and humanities?
Theatre and performance studies scholars, practitioners and students come together to reflect on the guiding values and conditions of their approaches to pedagogy.
All are welcome!
“The book offers a unique and much-needed interrogation of the broader questions surrounding international performance research which are pertinent to the present and the future of Theatre and Performance studies. Marking the completion of eight years of the Erasmus Mundus MA Programme in International Performance Research (MAIPR), run jointly by the universities of Warwick (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Helsinki/Tampere (Finland), Arts in Belgrade (Serbia), and Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) - the essays in this volume take stock of the achievements, insights and challenges of what international performance research is or ought to be about.”



16.00 – 16.15 Artistic tune-in

Opening remarks: Prof. Dr. Kati Röttger (University of Amsterdam, book co-editor)

16.15 – 16.55 Panel discussion: Pedagogy in higher education in the arts

  • Dr. Milija Gluhovic (University of Warwick, book co-editor)
  • Prof. Dr. Hanna Korsberg (University of Helsinki, book co-editor)
  • Dr. Will Peterson (Flinders University, Australia, book contributor and former guest scholar, MAIPR)
  • Dr. Carlos Reijnen (Director, Graduate School of Humanities, University of Amsterdam)
  • Dr. Lisa Skwirblies (University of Warwick/Amsterdam, book contributor and alumna MAIPR)

moderation: Dr. Sruti Bala (University of Amsterdam, book co-editor)

16.55 – 17.05 Performance interlude


17.05– 17.25 Statements of unconditional urgency by programme alumni:

  • Cultural policy+pedagogy: Lonneke van Heugten (PhD candidate, UvA)
  • Artistic activism+pedagogy: Dr. David Limaverde (artistic researcher)
  • Cultural diplomacy+pedagogy: Ian Yang (cultural professional, Dutch Culture, centre for international co-operation)
  • Research+pedagogy: Johanna Timonen (independent scholar)
  • Artistic perspectives on pedagogy: Jess Maxwell (project manager and producer, NEU NOW)

17.25 – 17.30 Presentation of book to Prof. Dr. Fred Weerman (Dean, Faculty of Humanities, UvA) and UvA's Diversity Officer, Anne de Graaf

Drinks in the foyer

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