SignGram Blueprint Publication

6 March 2018

Current grammatical knowledge about particular sign languages is fragmentary and of varying reliability. In general, comprehensive grammars are a rarity.

The SignGram Blueprint is an innovative tool for the grammar writer: a fully-fledged guide to describing all components of the grammars of sign languages in a thorough and systematic way, and with the highest scientific standards.

The work is open access and consists of two main parts: the Checklist with all the grammatical phenomena the grammar writer can address, and the accompanying Manual with the relevant background information (definitions, examples, references) and detailed instructions.

Quer, J., C. Cecchetto, C. Donati, C. Geraci, M. Kelepir, R. Pfau & M. Steinbach (eds.). 2017. SignGram Blueprint: A guide to sign language grammar writing. Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton

Available in open access at:

Published by  Faculty of Humanities