KIEM Grant for Patricia Lulof

18 September 2017

Dr. Patricia Lulof has been awarded a KIEM grant of € 15,000 by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) for her project ‘Living in the Past. Reconstructing Etruscan Houses in Acquarossa’.

In Lulof's project Etruscan domestic life will be recreated and integrated in the Archaeological park of Acquarossa (Italy), in such a way that both international scholars and tourists-visitors will acknowledge virtual reconstructions of Etruscan houses within their successive phases of creation, construction, function, and destruction. It focuses on the scientifically justified reconstruction of ancient domestic architecture, which was never done before with digital technology as a research tool.

KIEM aims to promote and facilitate partnerships between knowledge institutions and private parties, including small and medium enterprises.

Published by  Faculty of Humanities