Metabolism of cyanobacterium used in biofuel production


20Dec2017 10:00 - 11:00

PhD defence ceremony

Synechocystis is a freshwater cyanobacterium present in the chroroplasts of algae an plants. Its ancestors first evolved the ability to perform oxygenic photosynthesis: using sunlight to extract electrons from water to form sugars out of CO2. Synechocystis and other photoautotrophic microalgae are currently being engineered to produce sustainable fuels and other chemicals directly from CO2. Pascal van Alphen's research focuses on increasing our understanding of metabolism and its regulation in Synechocystis. He uses state-of-the-art photo-bioreactors were used to precisely control and measure all parameters of growth.

P. van Alphen: Physiological Studies to Optimize Growth of the Prototype Biosolar Cell Factory Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803


Prof. K.J. Hellingwerf


Dr F. Branco dos Santos


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